Election is national of the right that is guaranteed in the Constroversy that such church and state match in the current era is quite out of the is not only the envy for too forward of stunning peace forces.


21th November 2014

leaders of world ever met,intellectuals more than 7000 people. To came overlapping dialogue of one piece,it is of has created a tide of new humanism.

これまで会った、世界の指導者、識者は7000人をこえる。一対一の対話を重ねてきて、新しき人間主義の潮流をつくりあげてきたのである。     09.10.14 全国代表幹部会

14th Oct  2014



And does not become a future Buddha.Fight yourself as it. vibrant Buddha.



Roundtable discussion is the very oassis of hope for democracy.


2009.2.15 随筆人間世紀の光

30th Sep 2014

The win win win and peason in history。


2009.1.31 全国代表者幹部協議会

26th  Sep 2014

Only children who hurt his belly is not a child,Blessed with a child that seems someday,this is my child.Day 

toget used to such situation comes a always.


2009.6.19 池田先生と東京板橋区 

25th Sep 2014 

I was founded in Minon is opposite of many ,it was because the hope for world peace。



21th Sep 2014

The thing to take care of the customers who came to buy the cheapest woden clms.


09.8.4 新あの日あの時 池田先生と横浜市

19th  Sep  2014

Health,longevity of myself, is what we won by fighting the disease defunct constanto.


7th Sep 2014 

AS a disciple Makiguchi,Toda teacher,I have been over the dialogue leader of all the world,and intellectuals.That number seems to more than 7000people.

私は、牧口、戸田両先生の弟子として、全世界の指導者、識者と対話を重ねてきた。その数は、7000人を超えるようだ。    09.6.28

5th sep 2014 

Half a year in Osaka, Ikeda chief,met with people in 8000 only visit guidance.



2th Sep 2014 

Leader walk to the front wark hard.


随筆 人間世紀の光

29th Aug 2014

I want to leave says the essence of Toda teacher, the essence of Makiguche teacher

the essence of Buddhism Now I have only 80 years old.


09.2.17  本部幹部会

28th Aug 2014

By the prime parts. now  standing on sprit of youth sauce galden

 pillars of pomp and circumstance  unexpected  shake in wind and snow.

壮年部よ 今こそ青年の気概に立ち 風雪に揺るがぬ威風堂々の

黄金柱たれ。09.3.6 わが友に贈る     24th Aug.2014

I opened the home page of the hobby.  23th Aug. 2014



That of family,that of a country,when it was thought the world of upheaval further,from this world,I want to eliminate the misery and miffortune of all. Kousenrufu of this.  


09.3.20 第10回法華経の兵法

10th Sep 2014